Nina May Interiors


Services provided by Nina Maya Interiors

Nina Maya Interiors specializes in beautiful bespoke residential and commercial interiors.

.."Purity of materials, unexpected elements, and custom designed details are the hallmarks of our style..."

Known for its tailored, polished spaces and precise, considered approach, Nina Maya Interiors has built a reputation for its unique customization of interiors to suit each individual project and client.

The studio based practice employs a dedicated team working collaboratively with architects and artisans to provide an unparalleled level of services to their clients locally & Internationally.

Nina’s passion for interior design and for creating meticulously curated, layered spaces is at the core of her practice and she leads her team with extensive design expertise, a career spanning a decade and a portfolio of highly refined projects.


Australian Interior Design Awards 2017 - Shortlist Residential Decoration

TOP 50 Rooms, House & Garden Magazine 2016

TOP 50 Rooms, House & Garden Magazine 2015